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Builder’s Renovation & Ground Up Course of Construction

We’re your market for residential and commercial renovations and new ground-up construction. We have options to offer multi-location or mono-line properties and policy terms of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

Not sure if a risk is Builders’ Renovation or Course of Construction? Just ask us, and we’ll walk you through the process.

We make placing business simple!

  • Online submission or PDF application.
  • Signatures are not required to obtain a quote.
  • Final applications and quotes are delivered via an electronic signature platform or PDF.
  • Multiple payment methods are available.
Contact info

Program Contact

Jackson Le
(508) 634-7376

Jackson Le's Secure Portal🔒


Policy Changes - Contact Jackson Le.

Policy documents will provide reporting information.

If additional support is needed, please contact:
Dawn-Maire Brown
Jencap Specialty Insurance Services
[email protected]
Phone: 1-800-262-7475

The Insured Should:

  • Document the damage to the property.
  • Take photographs and inventory damage before cleanup.
  • Photos and receipts should be saved for the claim adjusters’ review.
  • When possible, make temporary repairs to help avoid further damage.


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