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Live Webinars

Live Instructor-Led Courses Offered Remotely

  • Participate from your office, home, or anywhere you choose.
  • See and hear the instructor's presentation in real time.
  • Communicate with the instructor.
  • Follow along with the PDF handout that you will receive.
  • Respond to random attendance check-in polls throughout the webinar to earn your CE!

Webinar Links

Links will be sent to your email at least 24 hours before class. You should test your system the day before to ensure system compatibility. We also recommend signing in at least 20-30 minutes before the start time on the day of the program to help ensure a timely and stress-free process. If you do NOT receive the link information the day before the program, please get in touch with our office the day before the class. Please do not wait until the morning of the course; it could delay your sign-in and jeopardize your attendance/CE to the program.

Random Attendance & CE Check-in Polls

During the webinar, random check-in polls will occur. You need to respond to each check-in to verify that you are present. You must respond on time for each attendance check to get your CE. The CE amounts listed are for Massachusetts.

Important Information

Separate registrations and unique emails are needed for each person attending the program.

Important System Requirements:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • Access to speakers and/or phone for the audio portion
  • Chrome is the preferred browser
  • Disable your pop-up blockers
  • Re-booting is the most common solution to any IT problems you may have

Additional system and class requirements will be in your confirmation and link emails. Please make sure to review all of this information.

Exams (*for Designation Programs only!)

If the programming you are attending has an exam associated with it to earn a designation, directions and how to access the online exam will be given to you on the day of the program. Please remember that taking an exam is unnecessary to get the CE for a class.