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Agency Launch Program

Establishing the Foundation for Agency Success!

MAIA's Agency Launch Program was created as a development and training opportunity for "new agencies" in the independent insurance industry.

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The Agency Launch program is a two-year commitment between MAIA and the new agency designed to expose the Principal agent and select staff to resources and necessary education to establish a foundation for success.

To mark milestones in the program, the new agency is granted sub-agent access to personal lines markets with sponsoring carriers. These personal lines carriers help to support the agency with access to auto and home markets and sponsorship of program costs.

The Goal

To increase a new agency's likelihood of success through education, professional advice, and market access.

Agency Launch Participant Testimonial

"My membership in MAIA, enhanced by participating in the Agency Launch Program, has brought high quality, essential resources to my agency," said Belma Medeiros. "My team members and I have taken outstanding courses in insurance matters, had hours of business consulting, and now have access to several markets in so many lines of business. This has created tremendous value for us in the agency. I look forward to completing my Launch Program and many years of benefits from my membership in MAIA!"Belma Medeiros, BellTrust Insurance

By the end of the Agency Launch Program, the Agency will have been:

Exposed To:

  • All MAIA and Number One agent-facing staff and member benefits.
  • MAIA and Big "I" websites and automated tools.
  • E&O Risk Management
  • The proper formation of an agency
  • Compliance with CAR, MAIP, FAIR Plan, WCRIB, RMV, and DOI licensing rules

Educated On:

  • General insurance agency operating procedures and opportunities.
  • MA PPA and MA HO policies and procedures for writing and underwriting.
  • Basics of commercial lines
  • Sales behaviors
  • Ethics, Flood, and more!

*This is an application-based opportunity. To determine your eligibility - please contact Erin.

For questions or to learn more information about MAIA's Agency Launch Program, please contact Erin Schaaf!

A generous thank you to our Agency Launch Program Partners!