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 FREE Workshops to Make Your Customer Experience Skyrocket? Yes, Please! (8/2/2021) 

FREE Workshops to Make Your Customer Experience Skyrocket? Yes, Please!

Customer expectations have changed. A lot. That’s why MAIA is working with Hamilton Cornell on FREE, top-quality CX (customer experience) training workshops for agency employees. The program has options for any sized agency, and is fully funded by the MA Workforce Training Fund. Build important skills for your employees, develop excellent experiences for your customers, and in turn, improve the success of your agency! Sound good? Please let us know of your interest by August 18th, so we can get the programs ready to launch in the fall!  

We are offering two options for MAIA members, and both are 100% paid for by a grant with the State of Massachusetts.

Offering 1

A 12-Week (48-hour) Master Class in Customer Experience (CX) Excellence

Specifically designed for agencies capable of committing to four (4) or more participants. The curriculum includes a peer review and case studies, as well as real, live analysis and business planning for the purpose of implementing agency-specific enhancements. Participants will learn lessons and approaches, and will use tools to improve the way that CX is managed at their agencies. All administration for the class will be handled through MAIA, and there is no cost to the participants.

Offering 2

An 8-Week (24-hour) Workshop on Customer Experience (CX) Dynamics

Designed for agencies that will have fewer than four (4) participants, this workshop includes tools and techniques for implementing CX enhancements at your specific agency. The ZOOM workshop will touch on all of the subject matter introduced in the master class, but will rely more on forward planning than real-time implementation. The workshop is intended to run on consecutive Wednesdays, beginning in October. Although this workshop requires a nominal upfront fee, it will be 100% reimbursed by the State grant upon its conclusion.

Either of these offerings has the potential to change the way you manage customer experience, and to help keep your customers’ needs at the center of everything you do.

Interested? Let Us Know by August 18th!

If either of these FREE training opportunities sounds right for your staff, contact Heather Kramer right away, and be sure to indicate which option, and how many staff members will participate! That will give us time to organize the programming, get it approved by the State, and have it ready for you in the fall!

RSVP to Heather Kramer at We’ll get back to you with details and scheduling!



 How Vulnerable is YOUR Home Plate? Keep Your Agency Covered (8/2/2021) 

How Vulnerable is YOUR Home Plate? Keep Your Agency Covered

Between the Red Sox and the Olympics, we’ve been thinking a lot about baseball and protecting your “home plate.” MAIA’s Number One Agency is the leader in E&O for MA insurance agents, but E&O alone may not protect your agency’s home plate from ALL of today’s risks. We can help strengthen your defenses with agency coverage options such as Cyber and EPLI (endorsements or stand-alone policies, admitted or non-admitted), a Commercial Umbrella that goes OVER your E&O, or an RLI Agency BOP. Number One’s program managers can help you select the right policies for your agency. We’re all on the same team!

Cyber & Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Risks are increasing and claim activity is high! Ask about a stand-alone policy and/or policy endorsement, including risk management support with consultative services.

Commercial Umbrella

Add an extra layer of protection with a Penn National Commercial Umbrella for the agency, and an optional Personal Umbrella endorsement for agency owners.

RLI Agency BOP, WC & Excess

A suite of products with broad coverage and high base limits to help eliminate coverage gaps.

Visit our webpage to learn more, and reach out to one of our program managers today!

Donna Goncalves

Elaine Lovelace, CPCU, ASLI, AU, AAI


 New Features Make RLI’s Personal Umbrella Even Easier (7/27/2021) 

New Features Make RLI’s Personal Umbrella Even Easier

Who needs a personal umbrella? In a word, EVERYBODY. Anyone who has a job, a car, or property can lose everything if they are found liable in a lawsuit. Judgments often go well above the limits of underlying policies, with potential results ranging from selling assets, to garnished wages or future earnings. Through MAIA’s Number One Insurance Agency, you can protect your clients with a stand-alone Personal Umbrella Policy from A+ rated carrier RLI, with new payment options and e-signature features that make it easier than ever for you and them! 

NEW! AmEx Payment Option

RLI now accepts American Express, the newest addition to their convenient payment options, which include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and electronic payment via a checking or savings account.

NEW! Pay Now, E-Sign Email

RLI’s PUP quoting platform now offers a signature option that allows an agent to process a payment authorization at point of sale, and enables the client to electronically sign the application. Similar to RLI’s other electronic signature and payment authorization methods, once an agent enters the payment information, the insured must still sign the application in order for it to be eligible to be bound by the administrator.

And don’t forget, with the RLI Portal, agents to have direct access to:

  • New business quoting & application completion
  • Electronic signature & various online payment options
  • Check policy status
  • Download policy documents & billing statements

Don’t have RLI Portal access? Email Number One Program Manager Angelina Coelho and she’ll send you and any of your employees an invite to set up your direct access today!


Email Angelina at or call her at 508-634-7360.


“My agency has always believed that being a member of MAIA is not optional, it is essential.
Not being a member of MAIA would be like flying by night without instruments.” 

Mark Pijar, CIC, CRIS
A.J. Pijar Insurance, Holyoke, MA 

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