Crash Course in Claims

This is a MAIA Program.
  • Fundamentals of claims: Claims Credo, Basis in contract law, agency law, liability law, elements of a policy
  • In the weeds: claim workflow, follow up, documentation, contract defenses, reservation rights, explain coverages, set expectations, follow through,
  • Minimum price of entry: duties after loss, urgency, consumer protections, how to handle claims for auto, property, liability, workers' compensation.
  • How to work it: real world examples, customer questions, case study, quiz & review
  • Apply your knowledge: group work, 2nd case study, 3rd case study...getting into the nitty gritty
  • Why you make a difference: life cycle of claim, statistics and regional differences
begins 30 minutes prior to the class start time.
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

GL NUMBER: 220719
PRICE:  Members: $105 / Non-Members: $205
Your link for the webinar will be emailed to you 1-2 weeks prior to the class. Reminders will also be sent 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the class.
10/4/2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
OnLine WEBINAR 01757
Online registration not available.

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