Private MA PFML

Stand-Alone PFML Plan Options to Cover Your Agency AND to Offer Your Clients

MAIA's Number One Insurance Agency has teamed up with ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company to provide — a stand-alone private PFML plan that is available to employers of all sizes.

Who is ShelterPoint?

Founded in 1972, they have grown into New York’s largest* carrier of statutory Short-Term Disability (called DBL, short for Disability Benefits Law), and an approved private carrier for New Jersey’s State Disability (TDI, short for Temporary Disability Insurance) since 2003.** 

For Your Agency... and To Sell to Your Clients

We have a dedicated team to work with you, offering the guidance you need for the coverage required — from filing your exemption, to on-boarding your staff, and servicing and paying claims. We keep it simple with direct bill online payment capabilities!

If you have a MA Health License, use it to help your clients meet the state-mandated PFML benefit requirement!

Let's Get Started!

Download and submit the following items to Ann Tobin via this SECURE PORTAL.

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Number One is here to help you through the process and work with you to WIN YOUR BUSINESS! See our Commission Schedule.

For additional questions, contact:

Ann Tobin

VP of Agency Services

[email protected]

(508) 634-7366 

* State of New York Workers’ Compensation Board, form DB-680, 2016 - applies to ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company only.

** Applies to ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company only.

Program Manager

Ann Tobin