Private MA PFML

Stand-Alone PFML Plan Options to Cover Your Agency AND to Offer Your Clients

Massachusetts businesses with 25+ employees are required to contribute towards the MA Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFML) benefits. However, the state-offered PFML plan is NOT your only option to meet this mandate. As a MA employer, you can apply for an exemption, as long as you offer employees a plan with benefits, rights, and protections at least equal to those provided by the PFML law.

MAIA's Number One Insurance Agency has teamed up with ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company to provide such an alternative — a stand-alone private PFML plan that is available to employers with 25+ employees, and to brokers for your clients with 25+ employees.

Who is ShelterPoint?

Founded in 1972, they have grown into New York’s largest* carrier of statutory Short-Term Disability (called DBL, short for Disability Benefits Law), and an approved private carrier for New Jersey’s State Disability (TDI, short for Temporary Disability Insurance) since 2003.**

For a thorough understanding of what MA PFML is, download ShelterPoint's Employer Brochure.

For Your Agency... and To Sell to Your Clients

We have a dedicated team to work with you, offering the guidance you need for the coverage required — from filing your exemption, to on-boarding your staff, and servicing and paying claims. We keep it simple with direct bill online payment capabilities!

If you have a MA Health License, use it to help your clients meet the state-mandated PFML benefit requirement!

Let's Get Started!

Download and submit the following items to Ann Tobin via this SECURE PORTAL.

Number One is here to help you through the process and work with you to WIN YOUR BUSINESS! See our Commission Schedule.

For additional questions, contact:

Ann Tobin

VP of Agency Services

[email protected]

(508) 634-7366 

* State of New York Workers’ Compensation Board, form DB-680, 2016 - applies to ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company only.

** Applies to ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company only.

Program Manager

Ann Tobin