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How Norfolk & Dedham Can Assist Insured’s Directly

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Program Contact

Michelle St. Angelo
(508) 634-7364

Agent Service Workflows: Business Owner’s Policies & Workers’ Compensation

  • Policy Changes & Loss Run Requests – Please submit an email request.
  • Waiver of Subrogation - Submit WOS Questions for all other markets
  • Cancellation – Submit LPR with the insured's signature, reason, and cancellation date.
  • Reinstatement Request - Must include N&D No known Loss Affidavit. We will respond with the underwriting's response and conditions if required.
  • Audit Disputes – Forward all copies of the WR-1 or Federal 941's Quarterly Reports with the reason for dispute and fax to (886) 882-0890 or email to [email protected].
  • Broker of Record Requests – Must be submitted on the insured's letterhead and include the policy number, effective date, a request naming BOTH Number One Insurance and your agency as the Broker of Record, and the insured's name, signature, and title.
  • Certificates of Insurance
    Agents can issue a certificate of insurance, but we suggest making sure the policy is in force by calling the automated billing center before issuing and noting your file.

    • Norfolk & Dedham: (800) 688-1825

After issuing the certificate, send a copy to Number One Insurance Agency, Inc via email to [email protected] or fax to (508) 634-2930. We will notify the carrier.