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The Big Umbrella

Only Available in CA, HI, MA, NJ, PA, and VA and offered exclusively by Anderson & Murison (A&M).

The Big Umbrella Policy for business owners is underwritten by “A+” rated Scottsdale Indemnity Company (Nationwide Group) and available exclusively through Anderson & Murison.

Does your client own a business, practice a profession, work as an independent contractor or own multiple rental properties?

If the answer is yes, A&M may be able to write one umbrella policy that covers both their personal and business exposures with “The BIG Umbrella”!

  • This one insurance policy gives seamless umbrella coverage for personal and business exposures.
  • This single policy prevents legal battles when two different insurance companies may cover the same accident.
  • You can insure over 50 rental policies on this umbrella.
  • You can increase your commission from your personal line clients with one easy placement.
  • Available limits are from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000!
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Program Contact

Grace Roche
(508) 634-7360


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Online Submission:

Download the PDF Application by Email or Fax:

*If your client already has an in-force personal umbrella written thru A&M, you only need to submit a Commercial Supplemental Application and request that it be combined with the personal umbrella policy number you provide.

A&M provides online access for agents.

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