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Lawyers’ Professional Liability

Cover your Massachusetts Lawyer accounts with access to Lawyers' Professional Liability written with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. Swiss Re offers top-tier coverage to protect these accounts against typical and unique claims being asserted today.

Let us assist you in rounding your business book with the attorneys you insure. Our program services the sole individual proprietor to large attorney firms. Share our coverage highlights with your clients.

We also have non-admitted/excess markets to meet your client’s needs.

Contact info

Program Contact

Michelle St. Angelo
(508) 634-7364


Premium Indication Form - or submit a competitor’s application with the insured’s letterhead.

To obtain a firm quote, submit the completed application and a blank copy of the insured’s letterhead.

*Full Premium payment is required to bind coverage.

*Premium financing services are available.


As dictated from the above applications:

Agency Billed: New & Renewal – via our E-Check System.

Loss Runs Requests
Requires written request on firm letterhead.

All Other Policy Changes/Requests
Must be made on firm letterhead and signed by a firm partner.

Certificates of Insurance
Agents may issue a certificate of insurance, but we suggest confirming the policy is in force and noting your file. Then, forward a copy to Michelle St. Angelo or fax it to (508) 634-2930. We will notify the carrier.

Renewal procedures vary based on carrier, risk, and experience. We will send renewal instructions three months before the policy expires.

To report a claim, please refer the insured to their policy documentation for instructions.

Free Risk Management Resources

Free Risk Management Support from a Swiss Re Authorized Risk Management Firm:  Each insured lawyer is entitled to receive up to 4 hours of confidential advice from experienced risk management counsel and up to 5 hours of ethics CEs.

They also provide access to Six Complimentary hours of on-demand CLE certified risk Management course. 

Insureds can save on their policy premium with Two Loss Control Premium Credit Options.

For more information contact Michelle St. Angelo.