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Utica National Insurance - Agents' E&O

Based on a long-standing relationship with MAIA and Number One Insurance, Utica provides customized
coverage, claims expertise, direct access to underwriters and claims specialists, leading risk management
tools and flexible payment options to the agents of Massachusetts.

Pay Your Bill
Online: Utica’s Customer Care Center
Individual payment and EFT options available
Utica Billing: (800) 598-8422
M-F 8am – 5pm EST

Mail: Check payable to Utica National Group.
P.O. Box 6532
Utica, NY 13504-6532

Include your account/policy number on the check. A $7.00 service charge applied/installment.

Additional Coverages Available
Utica Cybersurance Protection for P&C Agents
Utica Employers Professional Liability - Up to $1MM in coverage/ No application may be needed.
Utica Human Resource Consultants Coverage
Utica Contingent Catastrophe Extra Expense Coverage for P&C Agents

Report a Claim
Please refer to your policy documentation for instructions on reporting claims.
Utica E&O Claim Handling Guidelines
Utica First Notice of Loss Form to report a claim or incident.

Loss Control Premium Credit & Risk Management Tools
Utica P&C Loss Control Premium Credit Options (Earn up to 10%)
Designation Programs & Classes that Qualify for Credit
Utica’s E&O Risk Management Online Resources
Rough Notes Discount for Utica Insureds
Performing an Exposure Analysis Checklist can earn a 5% Loss Control Premium Credit.
Utica’s partnership with Rough Notes helps their insured’s gain access to:

  • Training courses, Blogs and Monthly Newsletters to keep your staff informed.
  • Better understanding of your clients’ exposures by business class.
  • Coverage suggests = Increased sales.
  • Templates for letters, signed refusals of coverage and more.
  • Vetted and continually updated Rough Notes Exposure Checklists.

    Agency Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Facts to Know about E&O in Relation to M&A by Utica National
Contact info

Program Contact

Donna Goncalves
(508) 634-7362