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Your Healthcare Options Deserve a Checkup!

We heard our members loud and clear: healthcare costs are a challenge!

We researched many alternatives from different vendors – through various meetings and demonstrations, we found a solution that provided the most beneficial healthcare options for our staff, along with SAVINGS for them AND for MAIA!

Our Solution: Adopt an ICHRA Program!

View MAIA's ICHRA webinar:


Ann Tobin
VP, Agency Services
(508) 634-7366

Secure Portal for Analysis & Census Submission🔒


ICHRA is an acronym for Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements. A group health plan based on a pre-determined monthly employer contribution that employees may use towards the purchase of qualified individual health insurance coverage.

ICHRA FAQ for Employers

ICHRA Informational Flyer - Your Healthcare Options Deserve a Checkup!

View MAIA's ICHRA webinar above to learn more!

  1. Download and complete Your Agency's Healthcare Census MANATORY FORM MUST BE COMPLETE.
  2. Upload these three items:
    2. Your current healthplan's details
    3. Your agency's contribution plan/amounts

Via our Secure Portal🔒

Must be submitted 120 days prior to your current health plan’s renewal date. 

If your renewal date is further out, please email your renewal date to Ann Tobin for a reminder to be sure you don’t miss out on this potential savings opportunity.