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MAIA Dues 2023 Employee Roster

MAIA 2023 Dues Roster Review

Employee Roster

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Branch Roster

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Branch Employee Roster

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Modernize Your Agency’s Interactions

Podium's suite of digital messaging tools makes it easy for insurance agents to manage every customer interaction from one powerful inbox. Reach your customers wherever they are, via convenient channels like text, and deliver consistently great experiences that keep them coming back.

MAIA members can claim an exclusive discount of 10% OFF the Podium suite of tools!

Watch the demo see how Podium can help your business:

  • Communicate with customers via text!
  • Collect payments quickly from anywhere!
  • Turn website traffic into real-world customers!
  • Gather reviews on the sites that matter!
  • Win repeat business!


Here’s What Actual Podium Customers Say:

"Using Podium is just as easy as sending a text message. It was a real game-changer. I couldn’t believe it was so reasonably priced and the return on our investment has been far beyond what I could have imagined or expected.”
– Christen Cawley, Marketing Director, Shannon Fine Jewelry

“I'm already taking payments, getting more reviews on Facebook and Google, made my landline textable, and had all my employees download the Podium app. This is next level!”
– Nick Beckman, Owner, High Volume Car Stereo