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Trusted Risk Advisor Certification Program (TRA)

Trusted Risk Advisor Certification Program

The Trusted Risk Advisor Certification is reserved for agents and brokers who wish to take their game to the next reap the rewards that only enhanced credibility, trust, and perception can bring.

A symbol of professional excellence in consultative and diagnostic sales and enterprise risk management, the Trusted Risk Advisor (TRA) is reserved for agents & brokers who wish to advance their ability to deliver an enterprise risk management (ERM) method through a logical, disciplined, and results-oriented framework. While participating agents and brokers may enter the program with a proven track record of success, the TRA empowers them to sharpen arrows in their quiver, confirm that they have a "growth mindset," and consider additional tools and tactics to improve performance significantly.

Meet Your Instructor

Watch the video to hear from Matthew O'Neill, CEO of CX Synergy and Director of Consumer Experience for GMG Insurance. Read Matt's complete bio here.

Meet Your Instructor

Watch the video to hear from Matthew O'Neill, CEO of CX Synergy and Director of Consumer Experience for GMG Insurance. Read Matt's complete bio here.

Benefits of the TRA Certification

Competitive Advantage: Formal training in consultative, diagnostic sales, and risk advisory skills give you a distinguished brand and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Certification: Demonstrates that you have the risk advisory knowledge, skills, tools, and process needed to successfully identify, analyze, and mitigate risks and exposures on your client's behalf.

Performance: Trusted Risk Advisors build high-trust client relationships that are strong and enduring, regardless of market conditions. The TRA mark demonstrates that you are skilled at reducing claim frequency and severity.

How to Earn the TRA Certification

To earn the certification, you must complete all four sessions of the Trusted Risk Advisor™ program in order. Agents who complete the Trusted Risk Advisor™ program are granted a lifetime certification.

🔷 TRA 1: Goodbye, Agent, and Broker. Hello, Trusted Risk Advisor

  • Discover your WHY...your purpose for existence
  • Your path to Trusted Risk Advisor status
  • Differentiation, commoditization, and the traps
  • Developing a unique message - your TRA value proposition
  • Risk, risk management, and the TRA decision matrix

🔷 TRA 2: The Art and Science of Discovery...Leading to Strategy

  • The I3 System
  • The five stages in the initial prospect interview
  • Walk away power
  • The employee interview...a strategy to position you as the undercover boss!
  • Case study: Hospitality Industry
  • The TRA prospect trigger...emotion
  • Active listening
  • The prospect qualification filter

🔷 TRA 3: The Risk Advisor - Moving Away From the Transactional Sale

  • The underwriter's response to the TRA process
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Prospect Research Evaluation Program (PREP)
  • Filling the prospect pipeline
  • The world of the CFO

🔷 TRA 4: Creating a Differentiated Customer Experience Journey Through the TRA Process

  • The customer experience journey
  • Monitoring risk and risk management within the TRA framework
  • Building relationships that last
  • Creativity
  • Innovation...the one-two punch of the TRA
  • The art of goal setting
  • Living each day as a servant leader

Register for the TRA Certification Program today!

*This program has been approved for 28 CEUs for MA-licensed agents only. You must attend all four days to receive program credit.

5/8/24: 8 AM - 4:15 PM

5/9/24: 8 AM - 4:15 PM

6/5/24: 8 AM - 4:15 PM

6/6/24: 8 AM - 4:15 PM

Due to the nature of the material in this class and the level of interaction required for participants, this course will be offered in person only.

$1,300 for MAIA Members / $1,700 for Non-Members.


“If you’re looking to change the public’s industry perspective and get out of the commodity trap, then the TRA series would be the program for you. The TRA program gives you the tools to become a trusted partner rather than just an “agent” which is an invaluable skill in this bid-driven industry.” - Christina Savage

“This course is time well spent. If you are looking for a difference maker, this course is it!” – Roberta Cote