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CISR – William T. Hold (WTH) Seminars

Graduate-level classes for Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISRs) or Certified Insurance Counselors (CICs) in good standing.

CISR-WTH Seminar: Personal Lines

A Problems and Solutions Approach to Homeowners Insurance (2 hours)
Using a question-and-answer approach, agents will identify exposures faced by Homeowners and learn how the ISO Homeowners Form would respond. Each exposure area will be presented using the situational analysis method. Agents will then go through a problem identification process that will lead to a solution and preferred outcome to the exposure. The exposure areas will include, but not be limited to, business operations, contractual liability, and watercraft coverage.

A Problems and Solutions Approach to Personal Auto Insurance (2 hours)
Agents will examine several of the common questions asked by consumers today about coverage provided by their Personal Auto Policy.

Personal Lines and the Business Exposure (3 hours)
Agents will analyze significant coverage issues associated with home-based businesses. They will be able to identify general and unique exposures to loss, types of in-home businesses, risk management considerations, and methods of insuring exposures. They will review the protection provided in the latest edition of commercial and personal lines policies, including Homeowners, Personal Automobile, Business owners, Business Automobile, Commercial Umbrella, and In-Home Business programs.

CISR-WTH Seminar: Commercial Lines

Employment Related Practices, Exposures & Coverages (2 hours)
Agents will examine and be able to explain the issues related to Employment Practices Liability. They will learn the primary exposures their clients face and review the exclusions contained in most liability coverage forms. They will analyze the coverages found in many Employment Related Practices Policies explicitly designed to protect against these causes of action against an insured.

Ordinance or Law (2 hours)
Unendorsed, standard Commercial Property Insurance forms do not cover the loss of the undamaged portion of the building, the cost of demolishing that undamaged portion of the building, or the increased cost of rebuilding the entire structure in accordance with building codes. However, coverage for these loss exposures is available. Agents will identify the ordinance or law exposures unique to their clients and be able to explain the significant limitations in an unendorsed standard ISO Commercial Property Policy. They will examine the Ordinance or Law Coverage Endorsement, including coverage options, settlement options, premium calculations, the increased period of restoration, and more. They will discuss ways the endorsement can address these exposures.

Certificates of Insurance and Additional Insureds (3 hours)
Agents will examine the unique problems in adding Additional Insureds and handling Certificates of Insurance. They will gain an understanding of hold harmless/indemnity agreements and the waiver of subrogation concept. They will identify the types of insureds and reasons for requesting additional insured status. They will identify the problems created when adding additional insureds and how to handle or minimize them. They will discuss the purpose, coverage, and limitations or exclusions for additional insured endorsements. They will be able to identify and describe the types of certificates, review evidence of insurance forms, and discuss how they differ from certificates and binders. They will also gain an understanding of Errors and Omissions considerations.