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CAR Certification and Information Course

*This is a MAIA Program.

This Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurer Certification Class is mandatory for anyone who wants to be placed in the Massachusetts commercial automobile insurance as an Exclusive Representative Producer (ERP). This class assumes a basic knowledge of the BAP.

Class Topics:

  • Review the Rules of operation manual to determine the following:
    • “eligible risk” requirements and forms necessary for eligible risk to submit
    • “exclusive representative producer” requirements to both obtain servicing carrier and retain the ability to use this servicing carrier through C.A.R.
  • Review the CAR Administrative manual: – (such as where to find eligible forms and a discussion of Chapter 10 discussing more eligible risk requirements):
    • Distinguish between the eligibility for a business (commercial) auto policy vs. a personal auto policy
    • Allowed symbols to be used in CAR
    • Important Common coverage rules such as garaging and amount of use classification
    • Review potential coverages allowed in CAR for the various classes of business such as PPT, TTT, Public Auto, garage
    • A review of the Principal Place of Business, Operator Exclusion, and the Non-fleet PPT certification forms and supplemental application forms
    • Determining classification information for various risks, such as trucks and public autos utilizing CAR commercial auto manual