We Hear Your Registry Concerns and We’re On It!

Many members have contacted MAIA to express frustration with the COVID-related changes at RMV service centers. Common complaints include agents/runners having to travel unreasonable distances to designated drop-off centers; not being able to process live transactions and review documentation; inaccurate pickup notifications; and the return to the 7-day transfer law when the RMV system cannot provide appointments within 7 days. MAIA has formally reached out to the Acting Registrar, requesting that the RMV adjust procedures and policies that continue to hamper our members’ efforts to serve customers. We are sharing the content of our letter here.

MAIA’s Letter to the Acting Registrar

Below is an excerpt from the letter that MAIA sent this week:

Colleen Ogilvie, Acting Registrar
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205

Dear Ms. Ogilvie,

I am writing on behalf of our 1,100 member agencies in Massachusetts to share our concerns about a number of the RMV’s COVID-related limitations that continue to negatively impact our agents and customers alike.

Massachusetts independent insurance agents offer valuable services to consumers as a part of their purchase of auto insurance. The restrictions imposed by the RMV, while certainly understandable during the height of the pandemic, have made agents’ jobs more challenging, labor-intensive, and costly, and caused significant delays for consumers waiting to get their cars on the road. In light of Governor Baker’s announcement that the Commonwealth would be lifting all remaining COVID restrictions on May 29th, we respectfully request that the RMV take action to resolve these issues as soon as possible.




For questions about MAIA's advocacy efforts, contact President & CEO Nick Fyntrilakis.

For Registry-related questions, contact MAIA's Member Relations Advocate Kathy Cormier.