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Consumer Advertising Campaign


The Campaign

Funded with industry partners' generous support, MAIA launches a bold, contemporary digital ad campaign each year promoting the value of Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agents. The ads run on digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, BuzzFeed, and Outbrain. At the same time, we run targeted, paid-search ads on Google and Bing, presented to people actively searching for select keywords or phrases related to insurance. To achieve maximum reach and exposure within our budget, MAIA collaborates with Trusted Choice, the national brand for independent agencies of the Big "I."

Target Audience

Our ads specifically target “adult mindset millennials” in Massachusetts – young adults whose education, income, and life circumstances make them most likely to be looking for auto, home, or business insurance.

Campaign Goal

The primary goal is to increase awareness and favorability of independent insurance agents among Massachusetts buyers. A secondary goal is to generate leads for MAIA member agencies by driving traffic to a MAIA Trusted Choice Landing Page, where the individual can enter their insurance needs and get recommendations for local Trusted Choice agencies that fit their needs.

MAIA & Trusted Choice

All MAIA member agencies have a Trusted Choice profile. As a free member benefit, MAIA members receive an upgraded Member Plus profile, which gives consumers more details when searching for a local agent (the agency must activate their free Member Plus account here.) MAIA members may upgrade to an Advantage Profile to become a Trusted Choice Recommended Agency for even greater search prominence.

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