Now is the Time to Discuss Flood Insurance with Your Clients! These Marketing Tools Can Help

Everyone in MA has flood risk exposures, especially now, with hurricane season upon us! Heavy rains, high winds, swelling tides, storm surges… it’s all coming! Even inland, flash floods happen when saturated soil can’t absorb rainwater fast enough, or storm drains can’t handle the runoff. MAIA’s Number One Insurance Agency is here to help you educate and protect your clients, and grow your revenue with excellent flood coverage options and marketing tools.

 Educate Your Clients – Free Resources

Tools are free and readily accessible to help you raise your clients’ awareness of flood risks! Downloading professional graphics, infographics, videos, talking points, and articles to share on social media or online:

Protect Your Clients & Grow Your Revenue

MAIA members have access to Number One’s Flood Program, which offers:

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