No Auto? No Problem! RLI is the Answer You've Been Looking For!

Do you have clients that do not own a personal vehicle but would like an umbrella coverage over their property? RLI will provide coverage for clients with no personal auto, as long as they agree to carry the underlying coverage if they operate a vehicle.

Scenarios may include:

  • The insured does not own a vehicle but rents a car now and then.

    (They will need to purchase coverage from the rental company for the limits they agree to (I.E., 250/500).

  • The insured only has commercial vehicles, which they drive for personal use.
    (The insured must have the DOC (drive other car) endorsement on their commercial policy or obtain a name non-owned auto policy to cover them for personal use.)

 Your insured may not own a personal vehicle; however, if they drive a vehicle, they need to be sure they're carrying what they "agreed to maintain for underlying limits" on the RLI application. If they do not, it could exclude or create a gap in their coverage, which is not something they want to deal with when faced with a claim.

Visit our RLI Personal Umbrella Webpage for more details and applications, or contact Grace Roche, RLI & Safeco Program Manager, with any questions by email to [email protected] or by phone at (508) 634-7360.