NEW! PDFs for MAIA Classes Can Be Downloaded Directly!

MAIA’s Education Team is pleased to announce that you may now download the PDF book or handout for a class directly from your MAIA account, one week prior to the class start date. In the past, after registering for a class, you had to wait for MAIA to email a link to your PDF, but that step has been eliminated! When you sign in to your MAIA account, you’ll see the Class PDFs tab, where you can access the PDF yourself. The easy download process is fully explained in our step-by-step instructions!

How To Download Class PDFs from Your MAIA Account

After you register for a class, follow these steps to download the Class PDF:

  1. Sign In with your MAIA username and password.

  2. Your MAIA profile page will open up. In the white section, you’ll see a row of tabs.
    Click the tab labeled Class PDFs.

  3. You’ll see a list of MAIA classes that you’ve registered for.
    Click the name of the class you’re looking for.

  4. You’ll see a folder called Resource Library. If a PDF is available (not all classes have them), it will appear in the folder with a red Adobe icon and a filename that ends in pdf.
    Click the PDF filename.

  5. A small Download button will appear in a gray bar above the folder.
    Click the Download button.

That’s it! Your Class PDF is now downloaded and accessible on your computer! 


For more detailed instructions, including screenshots of each step, review the complete instruction sheet:

Download MAIA Class PDF Instruction Sheet HERE


Contact MAIA’s Education Team at 508-634-2900.