MAIA Joins MA Business Coalition to Help Address Skills/Talent Gap

We are pleased to announce that MAIA has joined the Massachusetts Business Coalition on Skills (MBCS). The MCBS is a partnership of MA chambers of commerce and business associations, whose goal is to originate and advocate for statewide policies to ensure that every MA resident can acquire the skills needed to thrive in their careers, and every employer can find the talent they need to be successful.

The MBCS’s policy agenda includes seven priority areas.

MCBS Priorities

  1. Create a pathway toward essential skills development
  2. Modernize Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE)
  3. Incentivize employer training initiatives
  4. Support Massachusetts’ ongoing training initiatives
  5. Set statewide and regional training goals
  6. Simplify workforce development
  7. Increase employer engagement

Click here to learn more about skills gaps and read the full MBCS Policy Agenda.