Is Your Cyber Data Protected?

It may be Star Wars Day, but cyber-attacks and data breaches happen every minute, every day across the country. Taking the right steps to protect your data is key, and with Cyber Insurance – it can help cover the unexpected costs and hassles when it strikes. With carriers offering an array of coverages from Crisis Management to Data Recovery – MAIA’s Number One Insurance Agency can help you navigate the sea of cyber insurance for both your agency and your commercial clients:

  • Having trouble understanding the ever-changing Cyber Market?
  • Would you like someone to help guide you in offering Cyber to your commercial clients?

Let us help you! A quick application is all that is needed for most inquiries. Some submissions can even be quoted, bound and issued the same day!

Questions? Email Donna Goncalves at [email protected] or call her at 508-634-7362.