Lunch-N-Learn: How to Get $20K FREE Training for Your Staff

MAIA is working with HCA to develop a FREE workshop on the latest trends and tools in customer service and sales. Titled “Managing Superlative Customer and Employee Experiences,” the workshop (a $20,000 value) will be presented at YOUR agency as a FREE member benefit, paid through a grant program! A description of the workshop appears below. We need at least 10 member agencies to sign up to host a workshop in order to launch the program. This Lunch-N-Learn webinar is NOT the workshop; it is an informational session for agency decision-makers to learn more about the program, and how to arrange a free workshop in YOUR agency if you decide to move forward!

Workshop Description: "Managing Superlative Customer and Employee Experiences"

Many things have changed the way agencies serve and sell to their clients. The push toward digital and remote service delivery has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and agencies need to keep up with and take advantage of successful trends. Effective customer experience strategies are what separates leading companies from their competitors.

  • Customer Experience Baseline Measures: How to develop strategies that will to determine the Voice of the Customer
  • Employee Experience Measures: How to develop strategies that will determine The Voice of the Employee.
  • Managing Feedback and Statistics
  • Emotional Intelligence: How you can strengthen your Emotional Intelligence for better job performance and to enhance Customer Experiences
  • Process Mapping: Learning how to analyze and improve Customer-facing business processes
  • Developing and Writing Business Improvement Plans
  • Presentation Skills: How to be an effective communicator and how to give professional business presentations using commonly used PowerPoint tools
  • Change Management: How to anticipate and manage organizational change

Your staff will develop transportable business skills that will improve the way they work with their coworkers and your customers, and that will put them in the best possible position for job advancement.

Presenter: Doug McCaig, Hamilton Cornell Associates (HCA)

HCA works in a broad set of industries that demand repeatable and highly reliable business processes. All engagements work to deliver practical and implemented solutions that can be measured and monetized. Their work commonly targets 3 areas: The Customer Experience, Business Results, and the Employee Experience.

7/13/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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