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Insured Contact Information & Agent Inquiries

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Pay Bill Online or call (800) 688-1825, Ext. 1280

Customer Service: 800-688-1825, Ext. 1200 or Email

Claims: (800) 327-3636

N&D Self Audit Form is sent to insureds based on premium size.

Audit Disputes: Forward all copies of the WR-1 or Federal 941's Quarterly Reports with reason for dispute and fax to 781-407-7059.

Certificates of Insurance

Agents can issue a certificate of insurance, but we suggest making sure the policy is in force by calling the automated billing center at: (800) 688-1825 before issuing and noting your file.
After issuing the certificate, you are required to send a copy to: Michelle St. Angelo via email or by fax to 508-634-2930. We will forward this certificate on to N&D.

Direct the following inquiries to Number One for processing to Michelle St. Angelo at [email protected] or by fax to (508) 634-2930.


  • Policy change requests
  • Waivers of Subrogation – Reviewed on an individual request basis. Please submit request with the details of the job, work tasks being performed and estimated time frame. After underwriter’s review, we will inform you if available or not.
  • Cancellation – Submit LPR with insured’s signature, reason, and cancellation date.
  • Reinstatement Request - Must include N&D No known Loss Affidavit. We will respond with underwriting’s response and conditions, if required.
  • Loss Run request


Audit Disputes - Forward all copies of the WR-1 or Federal 941's Quarterly Reports with reason for dispute and fax to (886) 882-0890 or email to [email protected]

Broker of Record Requests – Must be submitted on insured’s letterhead and include the policy number, effective date, a request naming BOTH Number One Insurance and your agency as the Broker of Record and the insured’s name, signature, and title.


Program Manager

Michelle St. Angelo