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Heartland Payroll Solutions
MAIA's endorsed provider for payroll services...

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Heartland Payroll Solutions

Large national payroll companies are competing for your clients. Protect your book of business while at the same time earning referral fees.

Heartland Payroll Solutions, MAIA's endorsed provider for payroll services, will not compete against you!

MAIA Member Advantages:

  • Insulate your book of business

  • Opportunities to receive referral fees

  • Receive referrals back from Heartland Payroll Solutions

  • Your agency maintains ownership of expirations on clients referred to Heartland

  • Gain a competitive advantage by offering Heartland's full suite of payroll and HR services to your prospects and clients

Your clients benefit too:

  • Seamless integration between payroll and workers compensation insurance premium collection

  • Quarterly state and federal tax filing and payments included

  • Free HR Support Center -- Heartland's online resource for all things HR

  • Direct deposit or Visa payroll cards included with basic service

Contact Frank Andreotti TODAY to find out why your agency should start using Heartland Payroll Solutions ... be sure to tell him you are a MAIA member!

Contact Frank Andreotti
Payroll / HR Sales
Heartland Payment Systems

tel. ( 978)833-6047

Frank Andreotti's Heartland Flyer

Be sure to let us know if you have any problems with any of MAIA's products or services. Contact the Marketing Department at 800.742.6363 and let us know ... we can help!



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