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Workers' Compensation Program

  • Individuals & Partnerships & LLC’s: Automatically Excluded but can option to be included by sending request in writing on their letterhead.
  • Minimum/Maximum payroll is $47,000 effective October 1, 2016.
  • Corporations: Automatically Includes all “active” officers. Must have an approved DIA Form 153 to option out.
  • Any owner/officer who has a minimum of 25% ownership investment can decide to exempt themselves of coverage. To do this they must complete a FORM 153 and submit it to the DIA for stamped approval. If this does not happen prior to the writing of the policy, the owner/officer must be included with at least the minimum payroll and then submit the approved form for an endorsement to the policy after issuance.
  • Inactive Officer: If an officer has no duties and does not come on the premises, except perhaps to attend directors’ meetings or ceases to perform any duties and does not come on the premises, except perhaps to attend directors’ meetings – they should be listed in this section and under duties enter “Not Active” and no payroll is required for this individual.
  • Minimum Payroll: $10,920
  • Maximum Payroll: $53,560
  • In Massachusetts, the word “employer” shall not include nonprofit entities that are exclusively staffed by volunteers. No coverage is required.

Effective September 1, 2010

Policies which develop earned Standard Premium of less than $200 = $159.00
Policies which develop earned Standard Premium of at least $200 and less than $1000 = $250.00
Policies which develop earned Standard Premium of $1000 or more = $338


Effective May 1, 2007, The Division of Insurance approved the following procedures for issuing certificates of insurance for sole proprietors and partnerships in both the voluntary and residual markets.

When issuing a certificate of insurance, all carriers should determine legal status of the insured and if a sole proprietor or partnership, they should determine whether any coverage elections are reflected on the policy. Based on the findings, one of the following comments (in bold) shall be shown in the Comments section of the Certificate of Insurance form.


STOP WORK ORDERS - Everyone's Favorite "Nightmare"!
If a client walks in your door with a STOP WORK ORDER, we recommend the following:

  1. Get a copy of the STOP WORK ORDER.
  2. Submit the account for business with your carrier of choice and don't forget about Number One Insurance Agency's WC Program -- if you don't have a market.
  3. Once Coverage is bound, ask the carrier to send notice to the contact on the STOP WORK ORDER. The DIA will not accept notice from an insurance agent -- they require notice from the carrier. We have had an underwriter or a service representative fax over a letter on the carrier stationary and that has worked! Be sure they list the carrier, policy number, limits provided & effective date of the WC policy.
  4. On the same day that the carrier has provided proof of coverage, your insured should also contact the DIA to pay for any outstanding fees. The daily fees and the STOP WORK ORDER remain in effect until BOTH Proof of Coverage AND fees are paid.

MA Workers’ Compensation Bureau
(617) 439-9030

MA Division of Insurance
(617) 521-7794

Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA)
(800) 323-3249

MAIA's Tech Hotline (for Irene Morrill, VP Technical Affairs)
(508) 634-7356
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