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Thursday, Oct 26
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*11 CEs for $111 Special Offer*

Irene Morrill,CPCU, CIC, CRM, CRIS, CPIW, LIA, ARM, VP of Technical Affairs will be Streaming Live from The Big Event in Boston on Thursday, October 26th and Friday, October 27th for a combination of 11 hours!

You will see and hear her presentations as if you were there. Listen, learn and "check-in" when instructed... and EARN 11 CEs for only $111! Register to "Stream with Irene for $111".

Thursday, Oct 26th

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
My How Personal Lines has Changed - Endless Opportunities (Airbnb, drones, Uber, solar panels, personal injury, and social media)

CEUs: 7

If you just sell the “vanilla” HO policy you have short-changed your client and yourself. Additional endorsements or other policies are necessary to safeguard your client’s financial future, your EO exposure and enhance your profit margin. We'll break it down ...

Business activities can financially devastate your client We’ll look at the HO issues and a few endorsements. Airbnb IS a business and there are NEW endorsements ISO has created to either enhance exclusionary language or actually cover the exposure.

Solar panels covered or not? We’ll look at possibilities of where they are and whether the HO policy will cover or not. Is this a backhanded business for the insured or just an energy enhancement

Vacancy and the HO policy Is it just a reduction in coverage for a few perils or a COMPLETE loss of coverage for the Homeowners. New ISO broadening endorsements which COULD benefit the client or not when a completely different policy is necessary.

Drones and the homeowners Business or pleasure covered or not?

Loss settlement and the insured Proper loss settlement can make or break the relationship with the insurance agent. Did you set your client up for a “pleasant” claim experience or the worst nightmare of their life? Must have endorsements to put a smile on that client’s face.

The holidays and holiday parties are fast approaching What coverage does the client have when they have a party at their house or rent a function room? You WILL be asked that question at some point of your career.

Mass Auto Issues to identify with your client to make sure their MAP is there for them when they need it. Is an endorsement or a business auto policy necessary to guarantee coverage for your valued Clients?

Vehicle sharing/renting/charging for rides How does the 2008/2016 MAP apply to these auto business activities. Are there endorsements or is a commercial policy necessary?

When the MAP follows you and HHMs and when it doesn’t I don’t own an auto but I want auto insurance what do I do? I own an auto and have a MAP but also regularly use a company car. Does my MAP follow me? If not, can it?

Loss settlement and equipment issues and the MAP Just what IS ACV and is there a better option?

Equipment blues What about customized pickups and vans what about plows? What about electronic equipment when it’s covered and when it’s not? Awnings and the mobile equipment endorsement - insuring the motorhome properly.

Endorsements that “pack a punch” if you don’t understand what you’re selling Operator exclusion endorsement what it does and doesn’t do. Waiver of deductible when it works and when it doesn’t.

and on Friday, Oct 27th
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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Amending Commercial Liability - Additional Insureds and Certificate Issues ...
CEUs: 1

  • CGL/BOP and the Differences between scheduled v. automatic offerings. Plus, when to use Designated Person/Organization.
  • BAP is there an Additional Insured Endorsement or not?
  • CPP/BOP building owners and leasing situations AI v. named insured status

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10:15 am - 11:15 am
C/C/C and You Just What DOES Property Damage Liability Cover (or Not)?

CEUs: 1

Knowing how to explain property damage liability so your client doesn’t say “YOU TOLD ME” ...

  • Auto coverage and property damage to owned property - purpose of property coverage.
  • Auto coverage and damage to property transport - purpose of property or inland marine coverage.
  • CGL/BOP and contractors  - you’ve got to explain it, here are some examples.
  • HO property damage liability - v. Section I

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2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Do You Know Whether Insuring the Building to Replacement Cost is Enough - Personal and Commercial Lines

CEUs: 1
  • Replacement cost provision review - HO/DP/BOP and Co-insurance and the CP.
  • What IS replacement cost?
  • Ordinance or law - how it affects loss replacement cost.
    What to do ... personal or commercial lines.
  • Debris removal and the loss
    Is there enough? Can you buy more?

Contact Sheron to sponsor this session.
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Current Gripes and Conundrums with Banks and Certificates

CEUs: 1
  • Banks - Can or SHOULD they be an additional insured?
  • Valuing the property v. mortgage value and “proving” to mortgagee?
  • MA law and WHAT the bank can request.
  • Mortgagees v. unit-owners.

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C.  The computer you are viewing this from MUST have speakers (this is a stream and will not work through your phone)
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Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents
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